anne nilles is german-english bilingual voice artist, actress and singer. grown up in a bilingual family, she perceives both languages as her mother tongue and speaks them without an accent. after a visit to a musical, anne already knew when she was a teenager that exactly that was her thing: to live her hobbies and passions in her job. armed with singing, piano, guitar, ballet and jazz lessons, she started her musical career in 2006. among other things, she was a duet partner of roger cicero, sang in "seelive tivoli" with the show ensemble aida cara or at the world premiere of "ich will spass!" with the ensemble + cover "rosie". with her move to berlin, she jumped from the stage directly in front of the camera and took part in various short films and image films, but also in the feature film "2close2u". meanwhile anne is also active as a voice artist for commercials, image films, voiceovers, radio plays and dubbing. anne approaches all her tasks with passion and loves to "get to know new faces and the people who belong to them and to be allowed to go new ways again and again".

Translated with
Languages: English (UK), German (GER)
Voice age: young
Pitches: bright, medium
Location: Berlin
Dialects: GER-Mosel-Frankish, GER-Saxon
Specials: bilingual, vocalist
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