Hillary is a native American English, three times Voice Arts Awards nominated voice talent, former Host of Nick Jr. & Radio Disney, singer, songwriter, rapper, female martial artist, accent & dialect specialist based in the US working worldwide. This international voice actress performs voice overs in English with an African accent, American, Latin, African American, Caribbean, British accent and many more.  She is also a multilingual voice actor that has narrated children’s books in English, Spanish and Swahili and a multilingual singer that sings songs in English, Spanish, Swahili, Japanese, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese and French. Hillary offers a wide range of tones from soothing and spiritual, to upbeat and friendly, to hip and cool. In addition, this young adult female voice over talent has a wide vocal age range which enables her to voice children’s roles (including little girl and kid boy voices), teen roles and perform diverse character voices for adult characters as well.  Hillary is a commercial voice talent, voicing commercials, corporate films, games and dubbing roles. She is also a soundtrack singer and rapper with swag. Beyond the arts, Hillary has worked in Child Protective Services for the State of New Jersey as a Bilingual Family Service Specialist and as a Bilingual Interviewer for Safe Horizon in New York. Hillary who has worked with survivors of child sexual abuse, teen relationship abuse, domestic violence and more, offers heartfelt compassionate reads for those serious voice overs, and sweet, youthful, uplifting tones to make people smile. Love is in her heart and love is in her voice.
Languages: Englisch (USA-AFR accented), English (USA)
Voice age: young
Pitches: bright, medium
Location: West Orange, New Jersey
Dialects: AMS-Caribbean, USA-American South, USA-EN-LATAM Accent
Foreign languages: English (UK), Portuguese (BRA), Spanish (LATAM), Swahili
Specials: african accent(s), multilingual, spoken word / poems / rap, vocalist
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