Li is a Mandarin voice talent and actress who was born in Beijing and has been living in Berlin since 2008. She speaks Mandarin with or without the Beijing dialect. Li learned American English at the age of 6 and speaks it with a slight Chinese accent. She is also happy to do voice-over work in German with a Chinese accent if required. Li completed her acting training in 2011 at the renowned Starter Berliner Schauspielschule für Film und Fernsehen, which included role work with Professor Dr. Detlev Jacobsen. Since then, she has gained extensive filming experience, both in TV series such as "Rote Rosen" (ARD) or "Soko Potsdam" (ZDF), as well as in films such as "Right Here Waiting For You" and "Girls Always Happy." She has also provided voice-over work in Chinese for documentary films such as "Ashavihar" and "Drachenmädchen," and dubbed the lead actress in English for the French-Chinese film co-production "Shanghai Jazz." In addition to her voice-over work for promotional and educational videos, Li is always eager to explore new opportunities.

Language: Mandarin
Voice age: young-middle
Pitch: medium
Location: Berlin
Dialect: CHN-Beijing
Foreign languages: English (USA)-Chinese/Mandarin Accent, German (GER)-Chinese/Mandarin Accent
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