Noémi Dabrowski is a German-French bilingual voiceover artist, with Polish, French and American roots, born in Berlin. A colourful cultural mix. Noémi discovered her love of language through her Polish father and her French-American mother. Her destiny was already clear at the age of 13 when she saw the film "La Boum / die Fete" for the first time and decided to be as good as Sophie Marceau one day. For this she set off in 2014 and completed her acting studies including voice training at the "art of acting acting school" in Berlin. Since 2015 she has been on stage for Europe's only stage sitcom "Good Wedding, Bad Wedding" at the Prime Time Theater and slips into 5 - 6 roles per show. One of her highlights is the role of the amusing Ezra. She is an absolute Harry Potter nerd and enchants with her voice in the areas of dubbing, audio books, advertising, image and explanatory films, documentaries and e-learning. For the pupil's platform "Duden Learnattack" she is also in front of the camera as a presenter.

Translated with
Languages: French (FRA), German (GER)
Voice age: young-middle
Pitch: medium
Location: Berlin
Dialects: GER-Berlin area, GER-Saxon
Foreign language: English
Specials: bilingual, comedian, trick voice/cartoon voice
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