Sascha is a German voice-over artist and actor. Until 2016, Sascha was still on the road under the stage name "Freddy Bee", mainly in the comedic field. Even though humour and lightness are very much in his blood, which is certainly due to his Rhenish roots, his striving for versatility and variety is the main motivator. For example, his first audio book, "Fallschirmjäger in Kunduz", which was published under the name of Freddy Bee, dealt with a very serious topic. But at least since his entry into the dubbing and voice-over business, there is now variety in perfection. He can still talk a tree in the morning, be completely depressed about a battle at noon, report on baby lions in the afternoon, mutate into a psychopathic, crazy killer in the evening and the next day instead kindly promote a product on the radio or TV. His references so far include real-life and animated film dubbing, voice-overs, advertising, image and explanatory films, games, as well as audio books and radio plays. Sascha can be heard as the German voice of Ewan Mitchell, in the series "The Last Kingdom", as "Osferth", or as "Shiki Kijima" in the series "Tokyo Ghoul: re" and many other films and series, such as "The Big Bang Theory", "Star Wars 9", "Captain Marvel", "Disenchantment", "The Mandalorian", "Spongebob", "American Horror Story", "Supernatural", "Ray Donovan", "Better than us", just to name a few. On his way, Sascha completed various studio and dubbing seminars and was able to learn some tricks from Christian Rode and Irina von Bentheim, among others. His previous training as an actor with Ingeborg Trimborn, with a focus on theatre, in Bergheim, further private acting and singing training, as well as an acting seminar at the Michael Tschechow Studio Berlin, with the lecturers Jörg Andrees, Stefan Lenz and Christiane Görner, also help him in his work in front of the microphone. With his medium voice range he is very versatile. His warm, friendly and serious voice can also sound rebellious, cheeky or emotional, depending on requirements. Apart from working at the microphone, Sascha is also active as an actor on stage (at live radio plays), on the street (e.g. at the annual Nikolai Festival in the heart of Berlin), in front of the camera or on the water (until the end of 2018 at the Zille-Revue on the Spree).
Language: German (GER)
Voice age: young-middle
Pitch: medium
Location: Berlin
Dialects: GER-Berlin area, GER-Cologne
Special: trick voice/cartoon voice
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