Sascha is a native German voice artist and actor. Although a steep career as a petrol station attendant was predicted for him by the BIZ at the young age of 14, he completed his diploma in acting at the renowned Leipzig Theatre Academy after graduating from high school in Berlin. More than thirteen years as a successful rock'n'roll dancer made it clear to Sascha that there can be nothing else but the stage for him professionally. His nominations for the Cologne Actors' Prize, the Monica Bleibtreu Prize, the First Steps Award and winning the Cologne Theatre Prize and the Kurt Hackenberg Prize confirmed his decision.  Parallel to film and television shooting, his favourite activities include regular jobs for Deutschlandfunk, WDR, SWR and RBB in the fields of audio books, features, radio plays and dubbing.  Above all, Sascha is passionately involved as a villain in crime series of "Jussi Adler Olsen" or as a forensic scientist in the audio book series "Leon Ritter".  And when he's not behind the microphone for dubbing, audio books, radio plays, advertising, computer games, image films, voice over, audio guides or documentaries, he enjoys his time with his family. 

Language: German (GER)
Voice age: young-middle
Pitch: medium
Locations: Berlin, Cologne
Dialects: GER-Berlin area, GER-Saxon
Foreign language: English
Special: trick voice/cartoon voice

original photo © Nadine Stenzel

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