Waceke is a Kenyan-American voice talent. She grew up in Kenya and has lived her adult life in the US. Within her work, her passion revolves around storytelling - using her voice as the primary vehicle to convey a specific message to a target audience, whether it be for medical and corporate narratives, commercials, documentaries, explainer videos, promos or audiobooks. Before she went full time into Voice Acting, she worked in the medical area so medical narrations are very comfortable for her. In her spare time, you can find her dabbling in her garden, singing, acting, writing books, and volunteering as a reader with North Carolina Reading Service. She loves culture, loves experiencing people and the unique stories that define her life. Waceke also goes by  "TataCeke", which is actually two words put together, "Tata" and "Ceke" the later being a truncated form of her name Waceke. Tata is the Kikuyu word for "Auntie", a name that holds a powerful part of her identity as a "Tata" of 8 amazing nephews and nieces. The Kikuyu tribe is one of the over 40 tribal groups found in Kenya.
Languages: Englisch (KEN), Englisch (USA-AFR accented), English (USA)
Voice age: young-middle
Pitches: low, medium
Location: USA
Dialects: East African, UK-British RP, West African
Special: african accent(s)
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