Bettina Kenney is a German-English voiceover artist. Born in Germany, she spent part of her childhood in Southern England, studied acting and singing in London at Middlesex University, and trained in New York & Los Angeles with legendary voice actors such as Nancy Cartwright and Debi Derryberry.  Whether you're sitting in front of the TV or in the cinema, Bettina's voice is very likely to be heard. She has spoken on over 500 TV shows and films, including in "Once upon a Time in Hollywood", "Godzilla 2", "Angry Birds", "Star Trek: Discovery", "Black Mirror", "Twin Peaks", "Glow", "Orange is the new Black", "American Horror Story", "Big Bang Theory", "2 Broke Girls", "Grey's Anatomy", "Lucifer" as well as in various primetime procedures like "CSI", "NCIS", "Hawaii Five-O", "Brooklyn Nine-Nine". She speaks documentaries and also numerous lifestyle shows. Bettina can also be heard in national and international commercials for well-known brands, in both German and English language. Her voice is also often heard in e-learning and training videos, often in the fields of art, music and fitness. In audio and computer games she uses her extremely changeable voice and her ungovernable joy of playing for various characters: from children to adults, and sometimes animal or fantasy creatures. As an audio book director she has directed numerous bestsellers, translated and adapted screenplays and scripts, writes dialogue books and works as a singer and lyricist. And if she's not standing in front of a microphone you'll probably find her with her second great passion besides voice acting: in a pole dance studio, whirling around a pole.

Translated with
Language: German (GER)
Voice age: young
Pitch: bright
Location: Berlin
Specials: child's voice, trick voices/cartoon voices, vocalist
Dubbing voices: Ally Brooke, Angela Yee, Ashley Williams, Lauren Collins, Nasim Pedrad, Robin Roberts
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