Brad is a native British English voice artist, actor and presenter. He has appeared in numerous films, commercials and stage productions and has a wealth of experience in the corporate video, roleplay and forum theatre arenas. Brad spent the last 7 years co-running Blackwatch Entertainment, an immersive theatre company, which he co-founded. Last year, looking for some adventure, Brad took a job as a Program Director for Viking Cruises, taking guests between the wonderful cities of Berlin & Prague on the Elbe river. Brad now focus on helping companies get their message across effectively with the use of dynamic voiceover. His voice can be described as an authoritative, intelligent, charismatic, rich and warm male voice.
Language: English (UK)
Voice age: middle-older
Pitch: medium
Location: London
Dialects: UK-British RP, UK-Cockney
Foreign language: English (USA)
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