Caro Scrimali is a German voice talent and actress. After graduating from the high school "Petrinum Recklinghausen", she trained with Peter Mustafa in Cologne (Method Acting) and completed her apprenticeship with Alexa Riechert in Munich. She became well-known primarily through the television series "Marienhof", in which she played for several years the role of "Trixi van der Looh", for which she also learned boxing. But Caro is not only in front of the camera, but also in front of the microphone and does voice acting. Mostly High German but also in dialect. Fluently or haltingly, when needed, slowly or quickly, loudly or softly just us the role demands. Promotional, sunny, edgy and much more. whether for commercials, corporates, product films, explanatory films, documentaries, apps, e-learning or games, Caro puts her heart and soul into everything she does.  But what she loves most is voicing animals in cartoons, for example a sheep with braces. No wonder, because there's almost no pet she didn't have as a child. And there's also her passion for foreign languages. They have always been quite easy for Caro to acquire. Even if not too much of her first one (Latin!) is remaining, how could it, if nobody speaks it in everyday life, and also her Spanish is slowly decreasing, despite 1+ in the oral Abi, unfortunately her two Spanish street cats can't help either. French (she once lived in Paris and Lille), English ( obviously) and Italian (husband and family-in-law are from Sicily) she speaks everyday-proven, but is still working on her dialect. Her own background is in Upper Silesia. Her latest challenge: learning Icelandic! 

Language: German (GER)
Voice age: young-middle
Pitches: bright, medium
Location: Cologne
Dialects: GER-Bavarian, GER-Berlin, GER-Cologne, GER-Ruhrpottish
Foreign languages: English, French, Italian
Special: trick voices/cartoon voices

original photo © Benny Breuning

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