Carrie is a native German and English voice talent. Born in Frankfurt am Main, she was already busy as a child voice artist from the age of 4. At the end of her primary school years, the whole family moved to Mallorca and Carrie attended only English speaking schools. Since then, English has been like a second mother tongue to her. She speaks with an optional British or American accent. Meanwhile she is back in Germany with her own family and works as a voice talent, singer as well as copywriter and illustrator. With her calm and soulful voice, she is often hired for bilingual productions, for advertisements as well as for factual explanatory films or videos. 
Languages: English (USA), German (GER)
Voice age: young-middle
Pitch: bright
Location: GER-Hessen
Dialect: UK/US-Mid Atlantic
Foreign language: Spanish (EU)
Specials: spoken word / poems / rap, vocalist
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