Charlotte is a native UK-English & Chinese Mandarin voice talent and actress. Born in Singapore, she grew up all over the world, amidst the expatriate communities in Australia, USA and France.. Which explains her indistinguisable accent. Some people call it mid-atlantic or transatlantic. Let's say, it's kinda-American-sort-of-British, with an optional Asian lilt. English is her native tongue. She selectively voices in Mandarin, and speaks fluent French. Charlotte is also a working theatre, film and TV actress. Her first professional role as Pinocchio with Act3 Theatrics (Singapore) inspired her to found and run Little Tykes Theatre in Paris for 10 years. Charlotte currently lives in UK with her husband, 2 speedily-growing boys, and their seven bikes...maybe they already own nine.  :-)
Languages: Chinese, English (UK), Mandarin
Voice age: young-middle
Pitch: bright
Location: UK
Dialect: UK/US-Mid Atlantic
Foreign language: French
Special: EN - asian accent
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