Christoph Scheermann is a German voice artist and presenter. Born in 1979, Christoph is an established voice in commercials and TV. He can be heard almost daily in the program of SAT.1 - and also seen there as a film critic on SAT.1 breakfast television. At the age of 5, the Berlin-born was  in the movie theater for the very first time. When asked how he liked the film, he answered "How did they do it? The seemingly logical consequence, a few years later: Christoph studied directing and screenplay in Berlin and London and is an alumnus of the Berlinale Talents. As a filmmaker he has won several awards at film festivals worldwide. Christoph also speaks documentaries, reports, narratives, commercials and other formats. From time to time he is also active in dubbing, e.g. for commercials or in the movie Paddington 2. 

Translated with
Language: German (GER)
Voice age: young-middle
Pitch: medium
Location: Berlin
Dialect: GER-Berlin
Foreign language: English
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