Clayton Nemrow is an US-American native voice talent, actor and musical performer. He completed his acting training at New York University and the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. Clayton lived in Berlin for a long time and, like his character, the architect Lars van der Lohne in the Telenovella "Verliebt in Berlin", moved back to L.A. Clayton appeared in the U.S. in musicals such as "Macbeth," "Hair" and "My Fair Lady." On this side of the great ocean, he appeared in various TV series, such as the RTL series "Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten" (Good Times, Bad Times) and in films such as the TV drama "Tannbach, Schicksal eines Dorfes" (Tannbach, Fate of a Village) as the American Captain Edwards. As a native American voice artist, he can be heard doing voice-overs, commercials and dubbing. Having lived in Germany for so long, he speaks fluent German as well as various dialects (British, Scottish, Irish, Slavic).
Language: English (USA)
Voice age: middle
Pitch: low
Location: Los Angeles
Dialects: USA-Boston area, USA-NY
Foreign language: German (GER)
Dubbing voice: Paul Schneider

original photo © Teresa Marenzi

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