Daniel is a native Swedish voice talent. The versatile and experienced speaker has the ability to captivate the listener with his friendly, warm voice. Whether for TV commercials, radio, IVR messaging, video presentations, or e-learning, Daniel's voice fits in naturally. Many clients describe his voice as unique yet very natural and appealing. Daniel has a neutral Swedish accent that works in all types of environments and productions. With many years of experience as a voice actor, copywriter and sound engineer, Daniel has a deep understanding of how to interpret the underlying meaning and basic purpose of a script and adjust his voice to perfectly fit the content and intent of the production. Aside from his technical skills and experience, Daniel is very affable and always listens to client suggestions and feedback.
Language: Swedish
Voice age: middle
Pitch: low
Location: Bergeforsen
Dialects: SWE-East Gothland, SWE-North Swedish, SWE-Smalandian, SWE-Stockholm Swedish
Foreign language: English
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