Dennis Schmidt-Foss is a German dubbing artist, actor, dialogue book author and dubbing director.  Ryan Reynolds, Eddie Murphy, Chris Evans, Freddie Prinze jr., Scott Speedman, Josh Duhamel or Nick Burckhardt in "Grimm", or Michael C. Hall in "Dexter" and formerly "Six Feet Under", have one thing in common, namely Dennis Schmidt-Foss as German dubbing voice. The list can be continued almost endlessly, but it seems almost a coincidence how Dennis has entered the dubbing business: by dubbing his own role in an episode film of the ZDF children's television series "Rappelkiste", he inspired sound engineer and director to such an extent that he was already hired for dubbing at the age of 7. Already active as a greenhorn in film and television productions followed radio play and audio book productions and more and more dubbing jobs. In addition, dialogue book author and dialogue director are part of his fields of activity. And you can also hear him in TV, radio and cinema commercials.

Translated with
Language: German (GER)
Voice age: middle
Pitch: low
Location: Berlin
Dialect: GER-Berlin
Dubbing voices: Adam Beach, Barry Pepper, Brian White, Cam Gigandet, Casey Affleck, Chris Evans, Chris O’Dowd, Danny Dyer, Dylan Bruno, Eddie Murphy, Edgar Ramirez, Freddie Prinze Jr., Gabriel Ods, Jason Segel, John Luguizamo, Joseph Fiennes, Josh Duhamel, Joshua Jackson, Justin Chamber, Justin Theroux, Kevin Alejandro, Kevin Durand, Kyle Bornheimer, Lochlyn Munro, Mekhi Phifer, Michael C. Hall, Michael Gladis, Nick Burckhardt, Peter Stormare, Raymond Cruz, Rob Brown, Ryan Reynolds, Scott Adkins, Scott Speedman, Simon Pegg, Tracy Morgan, Uday Chopra
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