Eva is a native Norwegian voice talent and musical actress. She grew up on a small island called Herøy, not far from the Arctic Circle. After graduating from high school, she made a musical education at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo. Looking for new challenges and more extensive experience in the musical scene, Eva moved to Germany in 2001. However, after many great and big roles she decided as a young mother to go back to Norway. Today Eva works as a voice talent and musical actress in Norway and still in Germany. With her soft, bright voice, she voices audio books, commercials, e-learning, games and image films, as well as dubbing roles. In addition to her foreign languages German and English and her original dialect Northern Norwegian, she also speaks Eastern Norwegian and Central Norwegian (Trøndersk).
Language: Norwegian
Voice age: young-middle
Pitches: bright, medium
Location: Norway
Dialects: NOR-Central Norwegian, NOR-Eastern Norwegian, NOR-Northern Norwegian
Foreign languages: English, German (GER)
Special: vocalist
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