Hanns Jörg Krumpholz is German actor and voiceover artist. During his training at the State University of Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart, he already gained his first microphone experience at Süddeutscher Rundfunk. At first he dedicated his great passion to the theater. He stood u.a. as Hamlet, Mackie Messer, Orest, Achill or Nathan the Wise on stages in Heidelberg, Zurich, Stuttgart, Bonn, Wiesbaden and Hamburg. Parallel, he slipped into various roles for TV movies and series such. Tatort, Balko, Polizeiruf 110. Soon, Hanns Jörg was heard again in several documentaries, features and radio plays at HR, WDR, ZDF and Deutschlandfunk. Meanwhile, he also does advertising, trailers, audiobooks and dubbing. Hanns Jörg still appears on stage, but not only as a performer but also with vocals, guitar and piano.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
Language: German (GER)
Voice age: middle
Pitch: low
Location: Berlin
Dialects: GER-Cologne, GER-Hessian
Dubbing voices: Adam Godley, Benz Antoine, Claes Harelius, Gilbert Levy, Hassan Brijany, Junpei Takegucki, Lee Tockar, Peter Outerbridge, Philippe Sol, Robert Hobbs, Robin Williams, Vinnie Jones

original photo © matthias scheuer

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