Jade is an American voice talent, actress and singer. Now based in Antwerp, Belgium, Jade grew up all over the world - literally. She has dubbed herself "The Mundivagant (wandering the world) Actor". Moving about resulted in an accent neutral voice. As a child she would imitate cartoons, family members, and celebrities like Eartha Kitt. When reading books to her niece she is sure to do ALL the voices of the characters. In the states Jade first began narrating on-screen: medical, instructional.. Her first professional voice over was for the Maryland Department of Transportation and has evolved to commercials and documentaries. Recently she booked a VO in the award-winning short film TALK starring William Baldwin. Jade is gifted in accents and languages. Apart from native American English she speaks fluent French (Parisian accent), and speaks Spanish, Dutch (Flemish)and Russian. A professional actress for more than 10 years, Jade has trained in stage, voice, physical theater, and clowning. Voice over training has been primarily through working and practicing with mentors and seasoned colleagues. Her professional goal is to get into animation and dubbing and she admires Alison Sealy-Smith, Tress MacNielle, and Maggie Wheeler, among others. Her voice is described as friendly, engaging, bold, motivational, soothing, and yoga-esque. So close your eyes, open your ears, and listen. 
Language: English (USA)
Voice age: young-middle
Pitches: low, medium
Location: Belgium
Dialects: COG-Congolese, IRL-Irish, USA-American South, USA-California Valley girl, USA-East Coast, USA-Midwest, USA-Ozarks, USA-South Coast
Foreign languages: Flemish, French, Russian, Spanish (LATAM)
Specials: child's voice, trick voices/cartoon voices, vocalist
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