Jeff Burrell is a native American voice artist, actor and dubbing director. He graduated from the "School of Performing Arts" in New York and "German Studies" in Ohio. With a scholarship, Jeff came to Berlin in 1990 to study at the "Ernst Busch" Academy of Dramatic Arts and graduated with an ensemble award at the meeting of German-speaking drama schools. He worked in international film productions with directors such as Lars von Trier, Roman Polanski, Sam Gabarski and others. In 2000 he moved back to Berlin. He played in the film adaptation of Tommy Jaud's novel "Resturlaub" and with Christian Petzold in "Phönix. In addition, he is a dialogue director and author of dialogue books for English dubbing and dubbing actor. For example as Mactapfer in "The Smurfs" or Geoff in Michael Hanekes "Love". He is a regular voice artist on Deutsche Welle TV, for animated film series and commercials. He has also performed as a voice artist with orchestras, among others with Sir Simon Rattle and the Berlin Philharmonic in "Porgy & Bess".

Translated with
Language: English (USA)
Voice age: middle
Pitch: medium
Location: Berlin
Foreign languages: German (EN-USA accent), Spanish (EU)
Dubbing voices: Alan Cumming, Jamie Bamber, William Shimell
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