Kim Hasper is German voice talent and dubbing director. He had his first dubbing role with already 7 years. Meanwhile, he is one of the established voice actors and directors, both for films and series. He dubbed in the "Spiderman" movies James Franco in the role of Harry Osborn, in "Final Call" Chris Evans as Ryan and in the series "Six Feet Under" Ben Foster as Russell Corwin. Also included in his dubbing repertoire are animation and anime roles. And since he's the steady voice of Jamie Oliver in his cooking shows, his cooking skills are likely to have improved significantly. In addition, he works as a dialogue book author and is heard in advertising, computer games and audiobooks.
Language: German (GER)
Voice age: young-middle
Pitch: medium
Location: Berlin
Dialect: GER-Berlin
Dubbing voices: Adam Brody, Adam Scott, Barry Watson, Ben Foster, Brendan Fehr, Bret Harrison, Casey Affleck, Chris Evans, Christopher Gorham, Christopher Scott, Ehren Mcghehey, Fran Kranz, James Franco, Jamie Oliver, Jason Biggs, Jason Ritter, Jon Abrahams, Kel O’neill, Kevin Bishop, Kevin Sherida, Kip Pardue, Leigh Whannell, Lukas Haas, Matt Bar, Michael Arden, Paul Dano, Phillip Rhys, Rupert Friend, Russel Brand, Ryan Gosling, Ryan Phillippe, Sam Page, Seth Green, Zach Braff

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