Konrad Bösherz is a German actor and dubbing artist. He especially lends his voice to Jesse Eisenberg, Jay Baruchel, Iwan Rheon and Brett Davern. In "Games of Thrones - the song of ice and fire" he speaks the role of Ramsay Snow, in "Star Wars Rebels" he can be heard as Ezra Bridger, in "The Social Network" as Mark Zuckerberg and in "Robocop" as Tom Pope. In addition to film and TV series dubbing, he is also involved in a large number of anime and cartoon series as well as games, audio book and radio play productions. 

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
Language: German (GER)
Voice age: young
Pitch: low
Location: Berlin
Foreign language: English
Dubbing voices: Andrew Lawrence, Anton Yelchin, Billy Lush, Brett Davern, Domhnall Gleeson, George Mackay, Iwan Rheon, Jamie Campbell Bower, Jay Baruchel, Jesse Eisenberg, Justin Chatwin, Lucas Cruishank, Matt Barr, Michael Welch, Wilson Bethel
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