Leonora is a native British english voice talent. She has always had a passion for voices. As a child she would entertain her siblings with silly voices from books, as she got a little older she would mimic her favorite cartoon characters. After years of elocution lessons and classical acting training in London she realised she could make her penchant for vocalising a whole career. 8 years since graduating from the renowned Italia Conti Academy in London she has amassed thousands of hours worth of VO experience behind the mic, spanning the range of voiceover genres. From audiobooks to video games, e-learning to commercials, telephony prompts to animation and everything in between. She is also experienced and trained in dubbing, lipsync and ADR. Leonora is tireless in finding the right voice for each project.
Language: English (UK)
Voice age: young
Pitch: bright
Location: London
Dialects: UK-Birmingham, UK-British RP, UK-General Northern, UK-Scottish, UK-West Country British, USA-American South, USA-American accent
Special: child's voice
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