Maik is a versatile German voice talent and actor who refuses to be pigeonholed. After finishing high school, his path led him to voluntary service in Ecuador. Subsequently, he studied Spanish and English at the University of Cologne before completing his acting studies at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Stuttgart. When asked what defines him, he replies, 'Playing and traveling - those are definitely my guilty pleasures!' His passion began in childhood with James Bond films and radio hosting. During his civil service in Ecuador, he even produced commercials and explored songwriting and rap with his step-cousin in the USA under the alias 'Diamond Babies.’ Despite traveling extensively in Germany and abroad, the quiet town of Rheine in North Rhine-Westphalia remains the nucleus of his creativity. He fondly recalls his most original idea: constructing a wooden pole carousel for a fair, making his own fairground chips, adding music, and then starting the fairground operation. With his announcements like 'And another round here in the Break Dance,' the foundation for his career as a speaker was laid. Today, he can reflect on an impressive number of appearances in front of the camera, on stage, and behind the microphone. Maik's diverse background and creative approach have helped him successfully establish himself in the world of speaking and acting.
Language: German (GER)
Voice age: young-middle
Pitches: bright, medium
Location: Berlin
Dialects: GER-Bavarian, GER-Cologne, GER-Northern German, GER-Westphalian (Ruhrpott)
Foreign languages: English, Spanish (EU)
Special: trick voices/cartoon voices

original photo © Jeanne Degraa

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