marius clarén can be heard as the german voice of the spiderman-actor toby maguire. he also lends his voice as a dubbing (515+ roles) to chris klein (American pie) and jake gyllenhaal (the day after tomorrow or brokeback mountain). In Terminator 2, he dubbed John Connor, played by Edward Furlong. In addition, he is a dubbing author and dubbing director and narrator for radio plays, audiobooks and advertising.

Translated with
Language: German (GER)
Voice age: middle
Pitch: medium
Location: Berlin
Dubbing voices: Brandon Quinn, Chris Klein, Edward Furlong, Elijah Wood, Eric Balfour, Eric Johnson, Freddy Rodriguez, Gareth David Lloyd, Jake Gyllenhaal, James D’arcy, James Franco, Jamie Elman, Jerome Commandeur, Joshua Jackson, Matthew Gray Gubler, Michael Mcmillian, Nate Torrence, Ravi Kapoor, Sacha Dhawan, Seth Green, Shawn Hatosy, Shawn Wayans, Tobey Maguire
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