Mona is a native Arabic voice talent, language teacher, author, journalist, photographer and TV director from Lebanon. She speaks Arabic, French and English and can cut her way through  in Latin American Spanish. She has published two books in French, sung on stage with rock and metal bands, DJ'd in pubs, hosted a radio talk show, and survived many wars. She considers herself a travel consultant, environmentalist, trekker, spaghetti western and anime fan, and a time machine operator. Mona has a B.A. in communications and certificates in SEO, integrated marketing, online language instruction and psychological first aid. She mainly voices commercials, image films, reports and IVRs, but has also been in front of the mic for obscure game characters and French e-learning. 
Language: Arabic
Voice age: middle
Pitches: bright, medium
Location: Libanon
Dialects: ARA-Gulf Arabic (Khaliji), ARA-Lebanese, EGY-Egyptian
Foreign languages: English, French, Spanish (LATAM)
Specials: multilingual, vocalist
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