Natalja is a German voice talent, actress and presenter. After 19 years in Hamburg, storm and Elbe, she went to Leipzig for her state acting studies at the Leipzig Academy of Music and Theatre. During her studies she already performed at the new Halle Theatre. Engagements took her to Münster, Saarbrücken and the Bad Hersfeld Festival, among others, where she was awarded the Great Hersfeld Prize 2018. Along the way, she was frequently sometimes armed, sometimes unarmed, on the road on television, e.g. in "Tatverdacht - Team Frankfurt ermittelt" and "Soko Leipzig".  Since 2018, the former Fischkopp has been trying hard to become a 'real Berliner' and concentrates on working in front of the microphone. She works for the radio stations Deutschlandfunk Kultur &, as well as a voice actor. Her passions so far are TV and radio spots, image films, radio plays and documentaries, but she is also looking forward to discovering other areas with her warm, slightly raspy voice. Natalja speaks English, French (quite well) and a little Russian. Thanks to her Russian dad, she also has the Russian accent in her repertoire. She loves learning new instruments, already enjoys playing the violin, piano and accordion. Last but not least, Natalja reveals, with a little twinkle in her eye, that she is truly devoted to singing, regardless of whether anyone wants to hear her chanting chansons, pop- and classical songs.
Language: German (GER)
Voice age: young-middle
Pitch: medium
Location: Berlin
Dialect: GER-Hamburgian
Foreign language: French
Special: russian accent
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