Nicolas Buitrago is German-Spanish actor and dubbing artist. born in colombia, grown up in cologne, he lives nowadays in berlin and counts spanish, german and english as his native languages. to see in film and tv, z.b. in "max und moritz – hauptstadtrevier", "anna und die liebe" or "mit burnout durch den wald", he also acts on various theater stages. as dubbing artist he gave his voice carlos acosta as tomas in "¡hasta la vista, sister!" and is heard in series like "orange is the new black", "the bridge - america" and "the bridge america".

Translated with
Languages: German (GER), Spanish (LATAM)
Voice age: middle
Pitch: low
Location: Berlin
Special: bilingual
Dubbing voices: Alexander Chaplin, Bronson Picket, Carlos Acosta, Carlos Sanz, Daniel Edward Mora, Hugo Medina, Pedro Miguel Arce
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