Norbert Langer is the distinctive German dubbing voice of Tom Selleck. He often lent Burt Reynolds his voice, but also Jeff Bridges, Alain Delon, Clark Gable, Robert Duvall or "Little Joe", Michael Landon. Radio play fans know his voice as "He:Man" in the radio play series "Masters of the Universe". As a German actor he was engaged at various theaters in Berlin. As a voice actor he can be heard in numerous film, television and radio play productions. In addition, he speaks commercials and is a successful dialogue book author, e.g. for the series "Akte X".

Translated with
Language: German (GER)
Voice age: middle-older
Pitches: low, medium
Location: Berlin
Dialect: GER-Northern German
Dubbing voices: Alain Delon, Anthony Higgins, Bill Bixby, Burt Reynolds, Cary Grant, Chris Sarandon, Christopher Reeve, Clark Gable, David Brandon, David Carradine, Franco Nero, James Brolin, James Morrison, Jean-Loius Trintignant, Jeff Bridges, Michael Landon, Michael Murphy, Rubert Duvall, Sean Bean, Tom Selleck
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