Norman is an us-english native voice talent as well as a singer and songwriter. Born in Tennessee and raised in New York City, he moved to Berlin for a while in order to continue his international career as a singer, songwriter, performer and also as a voice over artist. Before that he was in the New York music scene on stage with Norah Jones, sang in front of Barack as well as Michelle Obama, Ophra Winfrey, Paul McCartney and others in the Jones' Tribute in Washington D.C. So what could be more obvious than that Norman uses his voice not only as a US-English voice actor or for voiceovers, but can also be heard as a singer in various commercials.
Language: English (USA)
Voice age: young
Pitch: medium
Location: Amsterdam
Dialects: USA-NY, USA-Tennessee
Specials: trick voices/cartoon voices, vocalist

original photo © Nathalie Hennis

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