Olivier Perrot is a native French voice actor who puts all his soul into his voice. Whether for strong brands, for social issues, for the dreamy ones, for powerful instances, for action-packed or calming things. All he loves is variety. In fact, it was music that caused him to start as a voice actor, actually by chance. After he presented his first and self-produced album at various radio stations, an editor said after the interview that he could not just let someone with such a voice go. Within a blink of an eye he was the presenter of the morning show on this station for 2 years. From there he went on and soon Olivier was active in various fields of voice acting: voice over, advertising, documentaries, explanatory films.... So it happened that he used his beautiful deep voice for voice over during the day and in the evening he worked musically on further albums. And on top of that... he sings.
Language: French (FRA)
Voice age: middle
Pitch: low
Locations: Essomes-sur-Marne, Paris
Special: vocalist
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