phillip moog is the german fixed voice of ewan mcgregor and actor. as dubbing actor he lends his voice to recurring owen wilson, orlando bloom, matthew modine and guy pearce. so he speaks in all 3 parts of "lord of the rings" legolas (orlando bloom). discovered by us director george roy hill in 1983 and engaged for his movie "die libelle", he played on the side of diane keaton and klaus kinski. his voice can also be heard in computer games, e.g. as obi-wan kenobi in almost all star wars-games and as targon in "legend: hand of god". advertising spots, commentaries, voice over, stationvoice and audio books are also part of his voice acting repertoire.

Translated with
Language: German (GER)
Voice age: middle
Pitch: medium
Locations: Berlin, Munich
Dubbing voices: Christian Slater, Ewan Mcgregor, Grant Show, Guy Pearce, James Arnold Taylor, Jamie Bamber, Matthew Lillard, Matthew Modine, Mikael Persbrandt, Neil Patrick Harris, Niclas Angerborn, Noah Huntley, Orlando Bloom, Owen Wilson, Peter Facinelli, Saif Ali Khan
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