Pia Niederwimmer-Raunjak is an Austrian voice talent. Lives and works in the green heart of Austria, Styria. In addition to neutral High German, she also speaks with Austrian colouring when requested. Since starting as a radio presenter at a very young age, Pia has worked as a commercial and voice-over artist, building a career internationally.  Living and working in Los Angeles for four years enabled her to acquire excellent American English, perfected by many more years of regular speech training. In Los Angeles, Pia also trained as an actor and loves to take on different roles in dubbing and scoring. In addition, Pia has also started working on her own projects as a filmmaker and author.
Languages: German (AUT), German (GER)
Voice age: young-middle
Pitches: bright, medium
Location: Stainz
Dialects: AUT-Austrian, AUT-Styrian, AUT-Upper Austria
Foreign language: English (USA)
Special: trick voices/cartoon voices
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