simon engl is a german-austrian voice actor and vocally versatile. as a south tyrolean with german mother tongue, besides italian, english and russian he learned his language in school, in spanish semester also spanish. living in vienna, he completed a training as a "voice artist and dubber" (2013-2014). Simon already worked in South Tyrol on a private radio station as a newsreader. He loves it varied: whether as an excited child under the Christmas tree, as a serious investment banker or as an uncle of the country. Finding the right tone is one of his passions, as well as advertising, documentations, textbooks, cartoon voices and voice over. and when he's not in the studio, you find him outside, either on the skateboard park, in the park while slacklining, playing the Frisbee or simply in the nature, to let the soul dangle and dedicate himself professionally and with fresh energy to the language projects again.

Translated with
Language: German (AUT)
Voice age: young
Pitches: low, medium
Location: Vienna
Dialects: AUT-Viennese, ITA-South Tyrolian
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