sky du mont is an internationally renowned german actor. in 1976, he celebrated his cinematheque debut with his hometown movie "das schweigen im walde". due to the freaky comedy "otto - der film", his level of popularity within germany increased further and internationally he gained attention through his role in stanley kubrick's film "eyes wide shut". in 2001, he received the bambi in the category comedy for the presentation of the macho criminal santa maria in "der schuh des manitu", which was followed by further awards. In the course of his career, he starred in film productions with Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, William Holden, Gregory Peck and Anthony Quinn in front of the camera. but he has also participated in countless television games, u.a. in a series of American, English and French productions. As a voice artist, he is mainly used for advertising and cinema trailers, radio plays, audiobooks and as narrator.

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Language: German (GER)
Voice age: older
Pitch: low
Locations: Berlin, Hamburg
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