Steve ellery is a British native voiceover artist and actor. Born in a suburb of west london, he fell into love with literature when he was only 5 years old and ended up in acting school in the secondary school. after several years of acting lessons at the "questors theater" in west london, he passed the entrance exam at the well-known "drama center london" and studied improvisation & classical european theater. after engagements in film, television and theater productions in europe, asia and latin america, he founded his own theater ensemble, "the berlin shakespeare ensemble". as a native voice artist, he is active in the english department of deutsche Welle tv in berlin and likes to use his voice for advertising, dubbing, documentation, audiobooks and museum guides. "A voice that embodies the subtleties of the poem, the excitement of sports, the beauty of a landscape or the humor of comedy."

Translated with
Language: English (UK)
Voice age: middle-older
Pitch: medium
Location: Berlin
Dialects: IRL-Irish, JAM-Patois, NZL-New Zealand English, UK-Cockney, UK-Scottish, USA-Minnesota, USA-Queens
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