Susanna Capurso is a native Italian voice talent and actress. Lives and works in Berlin. Besides her native Italian, she is also fluent in German and English. At the tender age of seven, Susanna, born and raised in Italy in the small Apulian town of Barletta, stood on stage for the first time at the popular children's singing competition "Zecchino d'oro". Her love of singing has remained with her to this day. After graduating from high school, she first studied sociology in Rome. Then, after another two semesters studying theater at DAMS in Bologna, the urge for the boards that mean the world became stronger and stronger and she finally completed her acting training in Rome. She played for several years in a free theater group, made tours throughout Italy. Before moving to Berlin, she spent several months in Paris where she performed under the direction of Carlo Boso in "Commedia dell'arte Spectacles" and "Servants of Two Masters" at the Place de Notre-Dame, the Palais Royal and the Hotel de Sully. Meanwhile she is working as an actress in theater as well as for TV and film.Susanna became known through the leading role in the ARD series "Lindenstrasse", which she embodied for 7 years. She has acted in numerous TV productions and cinema films, such as the Netflix film "Isi & Ossi", in "Soko Köln", "Die Rosenheimer Cops", "Monaco 110" , "Neues vom Bülowbogen" and many more. At the same time, she regularly acts in theater, including the "Schlosspark Theater Berlin", the "Komödie am Kudamm", the "Freie Volksbühne" or the "Berliner Kammerspiele". As a voice talent, Susanna uses her versatile and variable voice for dubbing, voice-overs, audio books, commercials, audio guides, cartoons, image films, documentaries, e-learning and games, and when requested, as a child's voice. She also lent her voice to Domiziana Giordano for the lead role in the Jean-Luc Godard film "Nouvelle Vague".
Language: Italian
Voice age: young-middle
Location: Berlin
Foreign languages: English, German (GER)
Special: vocalist
Dubbing voice: Domiziana Giordano
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