Vanessa is a native German voice talent and actress. Even though in her childhood days she was only allowed to hold the sun or be the little dwarf in the back row, she didn't get discouraged and realized her childhood dream of becoming an actress. Finally, in 2010 she started her three-year training at the Koblenz Acting School, including voice and speech training. Since then she can call herself a state-approved actress. During her education, Vanessa gained her first experience at the Stadttheater Koblenz with small speaking- and supporting roles. After completing her acting training, she was regularly on the stage of the Landesbühne Rheinland- Pfalz and played in “War and Peace”, “The Miser”, “Cinderella”, “The Broken Jug”, “The Frog King” and many others. Performances at the Burgfestspiele Mayen, the Mainzer Kammerspiele, the Schlossfestspiele Neersen, the Komödie am Altstadtmarkt Braunschweig and the Kleines Theater Bad Godesberg followed. In spring 2020, Vanessa discovered a new love - voice acting. Telling stories, commercials, image films, explanatory tutorials, as well as bringing anime characters to life with her voice, makes the actress' heart beat faster, even so acting is and remains her first great love. Note: A fact that definitely benefits her as a voice talent.

Language: German (GER)
Voice age: young-middle
Pitches: low, medium
Location: Berlin
Special: vocalist
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