Yoshii Riesen is a native German as well as a native Swiss-German voice talent and actress. She graduated with a diploma in theater from the University of the Arts in Bern. Having grown up in Bern as the daughter of a German mother, she can offer Swiss dialects as well as High and Stage German and, after 15 years in Berlin, also the local jargon. Her broad repertoire as a voice talent ranges from flashy commercials, such as those for Jamba ringtones, to calm telephone waiting loops for Deutsche Bahn. She also voices a wide variety of commercials, various telephone systems in different languages (CH-German, German, English, French, Italian), audio guides for museums or the Swiss Postbus company, image films, explanatory videos, radio plays, art projects (e.g. for Forced Entertainment and Rimini Protokoll). As she is an absolute passionate actress, Yoshii loves to slip into different roles and is especially happy to give characters in games their special character. Another passion of Joshii is singing. Her first record was made right after graduation with the band "Yoyomotors". A crude mixture of electro, country, punk and pop. With "The Gallionettes" things were much more analog. Her colleague played the accordion and Joshi sang hits from the 90s that were turned into sea shanties. The theater play "Licht im Kasten" freely adapted by Elfriede Jelinek, which Joshii directed together with Maximilian Hirsch, was chosen by Zitty as the 4th best Berlin production of 2019. 
Languages: German (CHE), German (GER)
Voice age: young-middle
Pitches: low, medium
Location: Berlin
Dialects: CHE-Bern German, CHE-Zurich German, GER-Berlin
Foreign languages: English, French, Italian
Special: vocalist
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